10 Organizations Show How to Mobilize Supporters and Win Campaigns

There are now more than 100 million people using Change.org to make change at the local, national, and global levels.

Many of our most popular victories feature the stories of individuals facing very personal challenges. But organizations have also had incredible success winning inspiring campaigns on Change.org. Often these victories find solutions for larger-scale, systemic issues.

Libera e Gruppo Abele - two Italian organizations that team together to fight organized crime - were behind Change.org’s biggest victory in Italy and our biggest economic justice victory to date. Their winning campaign put an end to annuities received by government officials that had been convicted of serious crimes, such as involvement with the Mafia.

The groups won their campaign by engaging their signers and asking them to take a variety of actions such as sharing a video they produced, donating to or sharing the petition, or volunteering. The actions of these supporters helped to grow buzz around the cause, which was also widely covered by media.

Or take Oxfam, which petitioned General Mills and Kellogg to disclose supply chain emissions and commit to clear operational emission reduction targets to fight climate change. Oxfam’s success was a result of a global strategy that included petitions and events in the US, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands. Read more about Oxfam’s victory in this case study.

Virgin America used a petition to win a campaign that was much more personal. The airline wanted to lease gates at Dallas’ Love Field, which was occupied almost entirely by one airline. Its petition to the city employed the brand’s trademark wink. That, along with the brand’s advertising of the petition, led to a victory that showed the value of competition in the marketplace. Read more about Virgin America’s campaign in this case study.


Take a look below for 10 organizational victories to draw inspiration from.

1. Libera e Gruppo Abele: Stop the Annuity to Former MPs Convicted of Mafia and Corruption


Date of Victory: May 7, 2015
Number of Signatures: 522,991
Libera e Gruppo Abele had a landmark win with their petition to discontinue annuities for deputies and senators who had been convicted of serious crimes, such as involvement with the Mafia, corruption, and fraud. See Victory


2. tuderechoasaber.es: The Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria: Include Future Political Parties Transparency Law


Date of Victory: Date of Victory: December 5, 2013
Number of Signatures: 180,804
tuderechoasaber.es, a site that lets people in Spain request information from public institutions, petitioned the government to include political parties in the Transparency Act, which would make information available to the public. See Victory


3. Truth Wins Out: Demand that Apple Remove “Ex-Gay” iPhone App


Date of Victory: April 8, 2011
Number of Signatures: 158,312
Truth Wins Out, a non-profit organization that counters anti-gay propaganda and educates the public about gay life, successfully petitioned Apple to remove Exodus International’s app that that advocated “curing” gay people of their sexual orientation from the iTunes App Store. See Victory


4. PARITE et Les Marianne de la Diversité: Limit the Accumulation of Mandates Now!


Date of Victory: January 22, 2014
Number of Signatures: 120,376
PARITE et Les Marianne de la Diversité petitioned the French National Assembly to pass a bill limiting the number of mandates (or offices) held by politicians. See Victory


5. Oxfam: Help Farmers and End Harmful Business Practices that Cause Global Warming


Date of Victory: August 13, 2013
Number of Signatures: 117,519 in the US
Oxfam launched petitions in the US, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands asking Kellogg and General Mills to stop using unsustainable business practices that cause climate change and commit to more responsible environmental policies. See Victory

Read our case study about Oxfam’s victory.


6. The Humane Society of The United States: Urge Congress to Crack Down on Puppy Mills


Date of Victory: September 12, 2013
Number of Signatures: 99,769
The Humane Society of The United States pushed for the passage of the Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) Act that mandates online puppy mills, and large commercial breeders of other warm-blooded pets, be subject to federal inspections and oversight. See Victory


7. The Humane League: Stop Purchasing Eggs from Battery Cage Farms.


Date of Victory: March 12, 2015
Number of Signatures: 78,729
The Humane League successfully petitioned hospitality company Aramark to stop sourcing its eggs from battery cage egg farms – factory farms where hens are kept in cages barely larger than their bodies.** See Victory**


8. Rita Kühn, pro familia (NRW): Emergency Contraception for Rape Victims in All German Hospitals


Date of Victory: April 24, 2014
Number of Signatures: 56,363
Rita Kühn, pro familia (NRW) asked the German Ministry of Health to ensure that the emergency contraception was offered to all rape victims after two Catholic hospitals in the country refused the to administer it.** See Victory**


9. Childminding Forum: UK Government - Department for Education: Leave Our Early Years Ratios Alone.


Date of Victory: June 9, 2013
Number of Signatures: 53,701
Childminding Forum lobbied the UK government to halt their plans to increase the child-to-adult ratios in early school settings. See Victory


10. Virgin America: Free Love Field in Dallas to Make it a ‘Fare’ Fight


Date of Victory: May 12, 2014
Number of Signatures: 27,595
Virgin America successfully petitioned the city of Dallas to let them lease gates at Love Field, where a single airline had controlled 90% of the traffic and 80% of the gates. See Victory

Read our case study about Virgin America’s victory.


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