11 Months From Now: Preparing for Year-End Year-Round

Let’s face it, you may be ready to take a breather from year-end, but we never really take a break from year-end preparations. It is less than 11 months from now.

Organizations that excel at year-end use the entire year to get prepared for December, including:

  • Test and optimize your donation page: Many variables influence donation page conversions, and optimizing the donation form process can increase conversions significantly. This ranges from determining which ask strings produce the highest conversions for various segments, if images increase conversions, how the form layout influences donation form completion, which button colors are most successful and so much more.  

  • Clean up your list: Now is the time to begin planning your list hygiene efforts. Re-engaging names, running an email change of address for the high-value part of your list and ensuring your emails are getting delivered is critical throughout the year.  

  • Engage: Stay ‘top of mind’ with your audience by engaging them in relevant actions throughout the year. For instance, ask them to take a poll, fill out a survey, answer a quiz, take a pledge or anything else that will bring them closer to your mission and organization.

  • Listen and act: Your online audiences and the actions they take provide a wealth of opportunity to learn about what they’re interested in and how they want to be engaged. These interactions allow for you to iterate and optimize your engagement plans throughout the year.

  • Recruit: The above strategies aim to help you get more from your existing list. If your budget goals also involve recruiting new donors, make sure your recruitment plans are in place.

These are just a few of the ways you can prepare for December throughout the year. Stay tuned for additional posts in this series. And if you’re planning to be at the Nonprofit Technology Conference, check out our panel on this very topic.


About Lisa:
Lisa has worked with a variety of nonprofits for more than 15 years. She worked with the American Civil Liberties Union for more than eight years where she helped build a high-results digital advocacy and fundraising program that also contributed to the direct mail and telemarketing channels. Most recently, Lisa worked at Sanky Communications where she helped clients such as the Drug Policy Alliance, the Human Rights Campaign and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, amongst others, to execute their digital fundraising efforts.