13 Days Until Giving Tuesday - Are you Prepared?

You have your campaign concept and goals set, your strategy is solid and your stories are emotionally moving. With less than a month left, is there anything else you can do to ensure a successful #givingtuesday? Of course there is! Here are some top considerations to make sure you’re covering all your bases leading up to and throughout your Giving Tuesday campaign.

1. Simple, Digestible, Tweetable

Twitter is a key tactic to engage everyone in your network, especially those who have yet to be primed by your previous campaign efforts. There are always would-be donors who simply haven’t gotten the message. Our friends at Salsa Labs share some great advice for Twitter campaigns leading up to the day to give back.

Don’t be afraid to use basic hashtags for interests outside of #givingtuesday. #sustainability #animalrights #equality, for example can direct cause-driven donors to your page. Viewers new to your message also want to see achievable goals and understand exactly what their donation will support. What’s the fundraising goal for the week, or even the month? What initiatives are you trying to fund and how much do you need to raise? Offer a barometer for people to gauge their contribution and keep them updated. And don’t forget that saying “Please RT” majorly increases your chances of getting circulated

As a basic rule, Nonprofit Tech for Good advises that organizations should also be tweeting or retweeting at least twice daily and up to eight times to gain traction. But don’t overdo it! According to @DanZarella, sending more than one tweet every hour significantly decreases your click through rate. On Giving Tuesday you want to be piquing new donors’ interest and encouraging them to support, not scaring them away with overzealous communication.

2. Amplify your message through your community

Giving Tuesday is meant to be an open source, inclusive movement, and there is no better time to take advantage of your greatest champions to reach a wider audience. In the words of Asha Curran of 92Y’s Center for Innovation and Social Impact, “It’s not about us, it’s about the people who have made it what it is.” John Haydon notes that peer-to-peer fundraising is a perfect way to rally your superactivists, and points to John Wu’s awesome primer for background.

Look to your champions who consistently engage in your social networks to act as ambassadors of your movement. Ask donors to post photos and stories as to why they’re showing support, and let them know that their public aid inspires others. With relatively little time or effort you can massively amplify your impact by empowering your most dedicated community members.

3. You have to give to get

Don’t forget that this is a global event, not your personal fundraising moment. A little karma goes a long way. The Charitweet team suggests promoting another organization’s cause on social media. This demonstrates that your org is not an opportunist, but you’re interested in supporting Giving Tuesday as a global celebration of charity. Set up a partnership and direct your supporters to a sister organization to cross-link donors and spread the spirit of Giving Tuesday. Consider even making a donation as an org to your partner to encourage people to get over their initial hesitation. Don’t just talk the talk – become a part of Giving Tuesday!

4. Don’t forget the basics

We’re getting down to the wire, but that doesn’t mean your organization should be distracted from practicing the basics. For all the incredible advice one can find on the internet, the last thing you want to do is forget to take advantage of low hanging fruit such as sending a final reminder email the 24 hours ahead of the big day. Also, be sure to:

  • If you have a goal for the day, include an image of a thermometer of some sort in your communiques and update the thermometer throughout the day. Even a goal for number of gifts can add urgency to the day
  • Ensure your donation pages render well on mobile devices
  • Include social share information on donation thank you pages to encourage people to spread the word about your Giving Tuesday efforts
  • Promote Giving Tuesday on your homepage
  • Use compelling stories and imagery in your emails and on social networks

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