5 Ways to Prepare for Year-End Throughout the Year

If you think year-end fundraising starts in December, then you are already missing out on opportunities to prepare for this perennially important time of year. Preparation is key for year-end, no matter how big or small your nonprofit is.

Your organization isn’t the only one planning for a big end of year ask. By laying the foundation early and creating a plan with your team well before Q4, your organization can identify the most important to-dos to check off throughout the year and you’ll reap the benefits come December.

Wondering how to start your year-end campaign planning now? Here are five key areas on which to focus:

1. Tell a compelling and cohesive narrative

From rich cross channel content to rapid response appeals, there are many ways to engage your supporters. Through good stories your organization will incite meaningful actions and cultivate engaged advocates willing to give at year-end.

2. Keep an engaged and active list

Understand your supporters and what they think about your organization. Offer them chances to give feedback to be part of part of your mission.

3. Create robust testing strategies and systems for tracking metrics

A strategic testing plan and ongoing analysis will inform everything you do in the Fall, leading up to December. Track  what you learn, and apply it to future content. Regularly revisit lessons learned in order to shape upcoming tactics and strategies.

4. Build a solid infrastructure

Between cross-channel analytics and supporter database integration, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to creating a solid infrastructure. Keeping your systems clean and smooth is crucial. Even with the most strategically-sound and engaging digital campaign, if your supporters are sent to a broken donation page, then all the work you put in beforehand will be for nothing.

5. Keep internal communication clear and open

It’s difficult to move forward with a year-long plan without everyone’s buy-in. Setting up a streamlined approval process early in the game will keep your entire organization on the same page all the way up to December.

For more details on how to have your best year-end campaign, watch our webinar with Blue State Digital and Earthjustice. You'll also get access to a quarter by quarter checklist to guide you through year-end preparations. 

Best of luck getting ready throughout the year for the year-end fundraising season!