Brand Advocates, Social Change, and Activism:’s SXSW Panelpicker Submissions

The summer may just be winding down, but we’ve already got our eyes set on March of next year and the annual SXSW Interactive Festival down in Austin, Texas. Sure, the tacos and bbq are great, but we’re especially excited by the opportunity to have real conversations about how we can use the great minds at SXSW to drive social change. And we could use your help in making these conversations come to life.

We’ve submitted three panels to the SXSW panel picker. Can you take a minute and vote for any (or all!) of the panels below so we can share some amazing tips and best practices for organizations at SXSW?

Panel One: The (Data) Science of Social Change

Big data and machine learning have the ability to transform social change and inspire people around the world to take action from the local to the global level. In this session, Data Scientist Fernand Pajot will share unique insights on the data of social change. Drawing from’s journey to empower the lives of over 100 million people, Fernand will discuss designing scalable algorithms, data backends and experiments to improve key metrics. This session will show you how uses big data and machine learning to connect our 100 million+ users to petitions they care about.

Panel Two: Activism At Its Best: Drive Supporters To Do More

Activism is motivated by personal and emotional connections and a drive to want to create change for the better. Are you ready to take your digital advocacy program beyond short term campaigns to a broader movement that achieves lasting impact? By cultivating relationships with activists and empowering a community of dedicated followers, you can achieve great success for both your organization and the mission it was established on.

Panel Three: Building an Army of Brand Advocates–What Companies Should Learn From Nonprofits

Tech companies may be cutting edge in the technology sector, but when it comes to mobilizing an army of brand advocates they have much to learn. Join senior executives from Virgin America,, and World Wildlife Fund to see how some of the world’s most innovative brands are engaging customers in strategic brand advocacy, and cultivating brand evangelists.

Which of those panels sounds most interesting to you? Let us know at @ChangeOrgs, and don’t forget to spread the word. Voting ends Friday, September 5, so hop to it!