Digital Tools for Growing Nonprofits

Raise your hand if you work with a small (but mighty!) nonprofit organization.

Now that you’re sitting in front of your computer with your hand raised, I’m going to do a little palm-reading. Because there are a few things I can tell you about your organization in a psychic, tarot-card-dealing, palm-reader kind of way.

  1. Your small organizational structure makes your nonprofit nimble and adaptable. You’re not locked into a bureaucratic infrastructure or a legacy of “this is how it’s always been done,” which enables you to respond quickly to new opportunities.
  2. Your small organization is primed for innovation and actively seeks out new ways of doing things.
  3. And now the downside… limited resources. Budgets are strapped and most of your colleagues (yourself included) are often asked to juggle multiple roles at once.
  4. Your brand awareness hasn’t grown and scaled the way it needs to in order to create the vast impact you’re looking for. You need to grow your supporter-base, but you struggle with how to do that effectively at a low cost.

Ultimately, these benefits and challenges faced by growing nonprofits are not terribly unique, and there are innovative solutions that you can plug-in to help you be successful.

Growing your Supporter Base:

Launching a Sponsored Campaign on allows you to connect with high-quality supporters who care about your cause. Maybe you’re looking to build a community of advocates in New England, or maybe you need new donors throughout the U.S. Or, maybe you’re simply looking for EVERYONE who agrees with your organization’s position, regardless of their gender, location, political preference.

Using our geo-targeting and demographic targeting capabilities, we can ensure that your campaign is viewed by the right supporters for you. If the right person  is ANYONE with a pulse, we can do that too!

A Low-Cost Solution for Integrated Email, Advocacy & Fundraising:

Once you’ve built a respectable  supporter base, you need to engage and cultivate these supporters online. You’ll need the right tools to let you do this easily and effectively. While there are lots of great options out there, the folks at Salsa Labs recently released Solis which might be the right fit for your nonprofit.

Like you, Solis is designed to wear multiple hats at once. With prescriptive best-practices in place, this tool acts like your digital consultant AND your eCRM. Solis integrates email capabilities with donation processing into one system.

The streamlined administrator interface allows prompts organizations to implement best practices like email welcome series for new supporters and donation thank you emails for donors. (I’m probably not telling you anything new, but these are the types of critical engagement activities that boost the value of your new supporters.)

Getting started with and Solis is a great way to drive growth and engagement with your cause. . That means, you can start seeing RESULTS in no time.

Interested in learning more? We’re doing a webinar on July 8 and would love to see you there.

Oh and I forgot, you can put your hand down now.


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