Earth Day: What’s Changed On Our Planet?

To date, there are 31,738,672 global supporters of environment petitions.


Map visualizes a representative sample of the total number of people who have signed a petition on that is related to an environmental issue based on relevant cause category, tags, and keywords.


Top Countries:
The 10 most represented countries among people using to support environmental issues as a percentage of the total number of supporters in each country with over 1 million users.




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What are the petitions about?

  1. Natural Resource Conservation
  2. Land Protection
  3. Animal Protection
  4. Sustainable Business Practices

The most popular topics in environmental petitions on based on petition titles and descriptions.


10 Environmental Petitions From Around The World:

1. Germany: Eliminate The Production Of 1,000,000,000 Plastic Bags


19-year-old Fabian and over 154,000 others want to convince Deutsche Post to get rid of the plastic wrapping of their advertising brochure that goes to 20 million households every week. 1,000,000,000 fewer plastic bags will be created if a more sustainable solution for wrapping the brochure is implemented according to Fabian. Image Source

2. Spain: Prevent The First Uranium Open-Mine in Salamanca


Citizens Against Uranium Mining in Salamanca and more than 160,000 others are asking people to join them in preventing the first open-mine of uranium in Europe. The open mining project could pose huge threats to the health of people, wildlife and land in the area. Image Source

3. UK: Reverse Impending Budget Cuts For The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew


Julie Flanagan and over 106,000 people are asking members of the UK Government to reverse drastic budget cuts that would shut down large areas of Kew’s plant research after operating for 250 years. Image Source




4. Ecuador: Preserve The Yasuni Rainforest, The Home Of The Huaorani People


You can join the Huaorani People and over 101,000 others who are asking the President of Ecuador to protect the Yasuni Rainforest and provide a legal title of ownership to the Huaorani.




5. Argentina: Require Environmental Impact Study For the Perito Moreno Glacier


Gerardo Bartolome and over 59,000 others are asking officials in Argentina to complete a mandatory Environmental Impact Study before large-scale dam construction begins on one of the most important glaciers in the world: the Perito Moreno Glacier. Image Source

6. Canada: Ask Keurig To Make Universally Recyclable K-Cup Coffee Pods


An organization called “Kill The K-Cup” and 29,000 supporters are asking Keurig, the popular coffee company, to expedite their sustainability plan and make recyclable K-Cup coffee pods now instead of in 2020.



7. Colombia: Protect The Sea Life of San Andres Island


Guillermo Giraldo Ávila and over 21,000 people are asking officials to stop the construction of the Interoceanic Canal of Nicaragua. He says the canal will result in a substantial amount of toxicity entering the area that could kill the fauna and flora of 3 surrounding countries.

8. US: Protect Polar Bear Homes


You can join Greenpeace and over 17,000 others who are asking the Obama Administration to stop Shell from drilling and burning oil in the Arctic. Permitting Shell to drill and burn oil could result in wildlife harm and exacerbate climate change effects according to Greenpeace.


9. Italy: Re-introduce Returnable Packaging For Consumer Packaged Goods


Rossano Ercolini, a primary school teacher and winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2013, and over 15,000 supporters are asking Italian officials to re-introduce returnable packaging for glass bottles, plastic boxes, and aluminium cans, following the sustainability practices of other European countries. Image Source


10. Indonesia: Cover Coal Mining Pits That Are Taking Lives


Rahma Wati who lost her 10-year-old son after he fell into an abandoned coal mining pit, and over 10,000 people, are petitioning the Indonesian government to ensure coal mining pits are covered and that mining companies are held accountable if a pit is abandoned.

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