How organizations can get the most out of’s tools

With over 175 million people committed to making an impact in the world, is the best place to grow and sustain your movement.

For a limited time, we will continue to offer our Sponsored Campaign service to help organizations recruit new supporters, advocates, and donors. Due to high demand, we have adopted a new annual minimum investment structure. We're asking each of our clients for a minimum annual commitment of $50,000 for our Sponsored Campaign lead acquisition service. If you’re interested in running a sponsored campaign check out or email us at for more details.

In January 2018, Sponsored Campaigns may no longer be available, but we’ll remain committed to helping organizations achieve their goals. Whether you’re trying to increase awareness for a legislative issue, or raise money to increase your impact, here are five ways that you can take advantage of’s suite of tools beyond Sponsored Campaigns.


Organization-started petition


1. Start a petition

Whether  your organization is asking the President for an executive action, targeting a corporation, or asking people to take action on an issue in their community,’s free and easy petition tool will have your campaign up and running in minutes.

  • Decision-makers receive notifications as the signature count grows and also have the ability to respond to you and your signers directly
  • Supporters who sign your petition can choose to opt-in and share their contact information, which is accessible via your organizational profile - all for free!
  • Update your signers as your petition progresses to keep them involved and informed
  • Embed your petition on any third party site to drive traffic and increase the number of signatures

Get started creating your organization’s petition.


2. Create your organization profile

As part of starting a petition, you will be prompted to create your organizational profile, which is your one-stop shop for people to find out more about the work that you’re doing, and to take action on issues important to your organization. Your profile is customizable and can include your mission statement, contact information, and branding, as well as links to all of your active petitions.

With your organizational profile, you can:

  • Drive traffic to your website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts
  • Show the power of your movement and the number of supporters you have
  • Download supporter contact information for people who opted-in to hearing about your organization

To set up your organizational profile on, simply start a petition and you’ll be prompted to create an organizational profile.

Fundraiser started by an organization


3. Add a fundraiser

With fundraisers on, you can raise funds directly from your petition signers, other users, and the general public, to push your campaigns to victory. Fundraisers are a great way to connect and engage more deeply with people who are potential supporters and donors to your organization.

  • Create awareness for a specific project or need of your organization
  • Raise money from people who are already interested in the work you’re doing
  • Give your supporters a meaningful new way to contribute to your campaign
  • Post updates on your campaign’s progress to continue engaging with supporters

Any petition with more than 500 signatures is eligible to start a fundraiser. To start your fundraiser, log in to the site and visit your petition. If you meet the signature requirement, you will see a button on your toolbar that says “Add a fundraiser.” From there, just follow the simple three-step process to get your fundraiser live. For tips on how to create a really successful fundraiser, visit our guide or our Help Center for FAQs. Note that contributions to fundraisers on are not currently tax deductible.


4. Promote your petition

Looking to expand the reach of your campaign and have it be seen by more people on who may not come across it otherwise? Promoted petitions gives you and your petition signers the ability to increase the number of views your petition receives by placing it in high-traffic areas of

  • For a flat fee, get a guaranteed number of impressions for your petition on to build awareness for your cause
  • Reach new signers and supporters from beyond your existing base
  • Increase pressure on your decision makers to reach your goal
  • Enable others to contribute to your success in a meaningful way

In the US and most countries, petitions with more than 40 signatures are eligible to be promoted. Learn more.  

ACLU's movement on


5. Build a movement

If the change you want to see in the world is more than what a single petition or organization can accomplish alone, then it’s time to start a movement. A movement houses multiple petitions addressing one issue, uniting a community behind your cause and increasing the number of voices calling for change. All you need to get started is an idea of the movement you want to create.

  • Create a movement with a combination of your own petitions and existing petitions on your movement’s topic
  • Help others create petitions within your movement with custom petition templates
  • Deepen supporter engagement by giving your followers a new way to engage meaningfully with your mission
  • Build community and momentum around your movement and decision makers will take notice and respond to petitions
  • Position yourself as a thought leader within your issue area

Learn more and get started building your organization’s movement.


How have you moved your organization’s mission forward on Leave a comment and let us know!