How Will You be Fundraising 15, 10 or Even Just 5 Years from Now?

Check out’s VP of Global Business Development, Amanda Levy, speaking about the future of people power and fundraising:

Last month, at the Festival del Fundraising Conference in Italy, we noticed that everyone was talking about the future of people power and fundraising.

Social movements are growing at a faster speed and at a greater scale than ever before. In fact, online organizing is rapidly changing how companies, governments, and nonprofits work.  

When we look ahead just 5 years, to 2020, the organizations that will thrive are the ones that create meaningful movements and fundraising opportunities online.

We all know it is not easy to mobilize people together with a single voice, especially when there are so many causes people are passionate about. But, when you can, it is incredibly powerful and it opens the door for new fundraising opportunities.


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