#ICYMI: Video Budgets, Survey Tips, and Social Media Quick Wins

Every week, Change.org’s client services team finds the latest and greatest in online fundraising and nonprofit digital engagement topics and trends. Check back each Monday for everything you might have missed last week!

  • Everyone loves a quick win, so here are 17 from buffersocial to knock out right away with your social media marketing.
  • Video content is huge for engaging your audience, but the accompanying production price tag is often huge too. Here’s a post from See3 on when to shell out the big bucks for video and when to reel in your budget.
  • We all know how to measure the financial impact donors have on your organization, but how do you measure the value a volunteer brings? Volunteermatch just released a report on those metrics and how your organization can better define their contribution.
  • Surveys are a great way to engage new supporters in your welcome series and find out what’s important to them, and the MarketingSherpa has six tips for making those surveys as effective as possible.
  • Can’t quite figure out when to hit the send button on that fundraising ask? Check out these infographics from Informz to see what’s been working for other organizations (but don’t forget to test for yourself!).

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