Introducing the Theory of Change blog

What happens when 70 million people around the world stand up for the causes they care about?

A young girl wins back the right to play football with her male classmates. An interpreter who saved the life of a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan is rescued himself. A South African woman convinces her government to take action against the brutal practice of “corrective rape.”

Whether starting petitions or supporting those of others, people are coming to to turn their passion into impact, and we see the results in victories every day.

But systemic, long-term change takes time, effort and resources. Nonprofits and NGOs, politicians and political campaigns, even socially responsible companies need the right strategies that mobilize supporters for their movements for equality, for the environment, or for those in need.

People come to inspired to take action on something they care about. Together, these moments can add up to major movements for long-term social change. We’re launching this blog, “Theory of Change” to share the unique lessons we’ve learned that we hope will help you build your movement.

We’ll be harnessing the expertise of our global staff of rock star campaigners, fundraisers, developers and designers, as well as our incredible partners and clients. They’ll be sharing everything from best practices to fantastic failures.

We hope you’ll check back regularly as we post about the theory and practice of making change. If you’d like us to talk about a specific topic, please say hello at @ChangeOrgs.