Sustainable Brands 2016: Why Brands Should Listen to Consumer Concerns

What do millennials care about? How do they want to engage on those issues? We're bringing together a panel of experts at Sustainable Brands conference to discuss just that.

Join us on Tuesday, June 7th, for “Hot-button Issues of the Day: What’s Top of Mind for Consumers and How Concerns are Driving Behavior and Activism.” Shayna Englin, our Managing Director for North America, will be speaking alongside Marlin Miller, COO of Care2, Aria Finger, CEO of DOSOMETHING.ORG, and Raphael Bemporad, Co-Founder of BBMG to talk in detail about what consumers want most from today’s cause-oriented companies.

SImply put, a great product or service is no longer enough to win brand loyalty. Millennials, Generation Z and Aspirationals in particular want to invest in brands with a purpose, and companies that are able to tap into cause messaging that resonates with their consumers will stand out and above their competitors.

But aligning a brand message with a purpose is only one slice of the consumer pie.  Young buyers not only want to invest in brands with a cause, but also expect a dialogue with companies. Younger generations are more vocal than the last and do not hesitate to use their online presence to engage with and offer feedback to their favorite brands. Consumer influence has been supercharged with the mass mobilization made possible by the internet, and this trend cannot be ignored. has been the online community of choice to host these dialogues. In this session Shayna will offer examples of both when consumers have made requests of companies on our platform, and instances when brands have built a new community on by aligning themselves with a purpose. When these conversations with consumers have been transparent and responsive, brands have gained a new army of advocates.

Anything is possible with a strong and determined community, and we hope you can join ours at 11:30am on June 7th at Sunset I-III!

If Sustainable Brands isn’t in your plans this year, follow along on Twitter at @ChangeOrgs and join the conversation with #SB16sd.