Trending: Moms Inspire Change

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we wanted to highlight the impact moms around the world are having on the issues they care about. From Caroline in Germany who persuaded a major corporation to remove harmful chemicals from baby products, to Jane in the US who convinced one of the largest global breast-pump manufacturers to set up a recycling program, and Patricia in France whose efforts made the government take action against the growing number of suicides in the police force after she lost her son, moms are coming to, mobilizing others, and winning.


5 Petitions You Can Sign To Support Moms Around The World


1. Australia: Maria Sevilla is asking the Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection to let her and her son stay in their home after they were threatened with deportation because her son has autism. Add your signature here.

2. US: MomsRising is asking Wendy’s and Burger King to remove sugary soft drinks from their children’s menu and support more healthy options for kids. Add your signature here.

3. Japan: Suenaga Eri is asking large milk manufacturers to supply liquid baby milk substitutes for mothers who are breastfeeding as an alternative to powder baby milk which can be extremely difficult for mothers to acquire and use. Add your signature here.

4. Germany: Anja Radloff is asking the Federal Health Minister to support greater access to child care and to provide appropriate compensation for child care workers. Add your signature here.

5. France: Nora and her husband are asking the Minister of Education for more resources to combat bullying following the bullying-related suicide of their daughter. Add your signature here.


5 Victorious Moms Around The World


1. Mexico: Ana Ozawa was able to get court-ordered medical attention for her daughter who has Prader-Willi Syndrome and was being neglected. See the campaign here.

2. Brazil: Regina Gonçalves successfully petitioned Brazilian government representatives to preserve a blood donation street mural created by her daughter who passed away the day before Mother’s Day in 2012. See the campaign here.

3. India: Pavithra Shetty received support from education officials in Karnataka for 70 new safety guidelines in schools including staff background checks and security cameras. See the campaign here.

4. Italy: Guiliana Bromante asked for support in planting a memorial tree as a symbol of non-violence for her son Carlo who was murdered by a stranger while returning home from a concert. Two days after she started the petition, the Mayor of Rome called her and announced that he would plant a tree and hang a plaque in memory of Charlo, as well as provide support for the family and address some of the issues causing violence in Rome. See the campaign here.

5. Canada: After Tammy MacLaren started a petition to help parents of children with diabetes, the Nova Scotia government agreed to cover insulin pumps for children under the age of 19 and pump supplies for those under the age of 25. See the campaign here.